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Everyone loves it when they are promised the best.  But is it TRUE?

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    • Lifetime Warranty Roof

    • 25 year warranty panels, inverters, labor 

    • Support with NJ Solar Money

    • Support with Federal Solar Money

    If you like the electric bill With Solar, Does that make you Greedy...or Smart?

    The best part about the fact that we treat our customers like family, is that people are so thrilled about us that many have made videos describing their experience

      • There are many reasons everyone trusts our company, Walker Power.  

      • Our customers haven’t just heard our slogan, they have experienced our slogan.  

      • When you solar with walker power you solar with family!

      How to Compare Solar proposals to make the best investment

      Do you want the Cheapest Solar Proposal or do you want the Best Price for the Best Quality? Rene compared quotes and the other company's cheaper price, was a straight up lie to get the business...and they were a "Friend" of the homeowner.

      Learn How Solar Systems are Priced
      Understand Warranties 
      Get the inside Scoop On Hidden Costs
      Eliminate Electric Bill
      Monitor Solar Production
      Save & Make Money
      Be a Climate Hero
      Do Justice to the Earth
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      Relax, We Got You
      Stop Global Warming

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