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Can you Trust your Home & Solar Contractor?

For most of us, our home is the most significant investment we make. 


Clientes felices comparten porque cambiaron a energía solar.

How to Compare Solar proposals to make the best investment

Do you want the Cheapest Solar Proposal or do you want the Best Price for the Best Quality?  


Chris shows how, even during COVID, you can save the world...and a few bucks!


How to get a solar lease-Customer Review


How to find the right people to work with

Henry Correa explains why he went solar with Walker Power

Henry Sanchez tells why he went with Walker Power for solar-TRUST

Solar Promises Kept -Written Customer Reviews

Specific Questions Answered

Why didn’t you go solar until you met Walker Power ?

Why did you go solar with Walker Power?

Did we make the process easy to understand?

Did we take care of any issues that happened?

Yahaira received $$$ for Going Solar in NJ, as promised

Electric bill eliminated and solar pays for itself?

How and why are you getting paid to go solar?

Would you recommend Walker Power to friends?

Testimonios en video en Español

Feliz de haber empezado el primer Victor Vilcahuano con Jasmine Walker

Es por eso que Hector se volvió solar con Walker Power

Yahaira dice todos a Jasmine

Es por eso que Henry se volvió solar con Walker Power

No va a comprar paneles solares hasta tu mira ese video

Porque Cabrera le gusta Walker Power

About Walker Power

TRUST is our biggest asset.  You can tell that based on the video testimonials our customers give in English and Espanol

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