Special Offer Terms and Conditions 

We often change the special offers and we want you to be able to receive the full benefits of complete offer. Therefore, we have established the following terms and conditions. The Special Offer terms and Conditions listed here are what the final decision will be. If the rule is not listed here then the rules written on the BENEFIT will be used.

Special Offer/Bonus/Incentive –BENEFIT - The financial benefit offered to customers and potential customers
Qualified – QUALIFIED – The solar design is approved by the customer and us. Also, all the paperwork needed to start the process has been signed.

1. Cash and Gift Certificates BENEFIT will be paid with company check when the system is installed.
2. When either Cash or Gift Certificates are offered as an installation Special Offer/Bonus/Incentive, the homeowner must be QUALIFIED before the expiration date listed on the cash or gift certificate AND the homeowner must have solar installed within three months.
3. If no expiration date is listed on the BENEFIT then it expires 6 months after received.
4. Referral BENEFIT to referral (see #2).
5. Referral Benefit for referrer - Referral must follow #2.
6. No BENEFIT is valid unless there is a QUALIFIED homeowner who gets installed.
7. Benefits can not be aggregated for one QUALIFICATION unless expressly written in the offer.

1. Does not apply to CASH purchases or down payments unless down payments (which are not required) are made directly to Walker Power.
2. 30-day period begins the moment the lease or finance application along with the solar installation contract is signed.
3. There is only one reason the 30-day period may be less; In the event that work related to the financed/leased solar installation happens prior to 30 days, the 30-day Money Back Guarantee period is ended the day before such work starts.
1. Payments/Reimbursements will be made after the system is installed.
2. The homeowner must be QUALIFIED before the expiration date AND the homeowner must have solar installed within three months.
3. Proof of Purchase must be presented to Walker Power and show the product was purchased from our website.

1. Rebates/Discounts on our Panel Protection Program based on referrals will be paid after the referral’s system is installed.
2. The homeowner referral must be QUALIFIED within six months of the day we protected your panels AND the homeowner referral must have solar installed within three months.
3. The Panel Protection Program T&C is the final decision over the gift certificate/cash bonus/etc. (Occasionally, the certificate/cash bonus/etc. lists an expiration date-Rule #2 is the T&C that will be followed.)
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