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Going Solar at The Jersey Shore

Reduce the uncertainty and anxiety that can come with the decision to GO SOLAR.  We are voted as the best company around because of our extensive knowledge, significant experience and focus on customer support.  Most people do not realize they need support until a few months after they Go Solar, they are installed and the sales team has been paid.   I have heard plenty of stories where the homeowner’s system is not on and the solar company they used never answers the phone or calls back.  Our customers tell us how that prevented them from going solar until they met us.  Please check out our TESTIMONIALS page and our FAQ page. 

Solar Loan

  • Get PAID for Production in NJ
  • No Money Down
  • Replaces up to 100% of your electric bill
  • Finance up to 25 years for a predictable payment
  • Maintenance options
  • Product and workmanship warranties are standard

For ANY Loan or Lease

You have NOTHING TO LOSE when you get a solar lease or loan (financing) through Walker Power’s financial services. 
For a small local solar company like Walker Power to be able offer this GUARANTEE we establish the beginning of this 30-day period when the lease or loan (financing) paperwork is signed.  This is completed when the homeowner approves the solar system.

Solar Lease

  • Guaranteed Solar Production
  • No Money Down
  • Replaces Up To 100% of Your Electric Bill
  • Lease for a low monthly payment with NO DEBT to repay
  • Maintenance options available
  • Product and workmanship warranties are standard
Product warranties offered on products up to 25 years.  Workmanship warranties refer to roof and system installation.  (see Solar Agreement for details).

Going Solar at the Jersey Shore?   The solar process from start to solar production to getting paid for your solar energy production is a long process with many steps the solar company must take.  To the national companies, you are just a number; a file that could slip through the cracks between the steps.    Imagine if you could never get a hold of anyone after they got your signature.

IT HAPPENS!  You have finally found a family-owned solar company that will treat you the way you deserve to be treated.  We offer Amazing products at Great prices with a service 2nd to none. 

You might be thinking “Everybody says that”. 

Yup.  They do, unfortunately.  That is exactly why you should not just take our word for it, see our 2-minute SOLAR CUSTOMER REVIEWS video or full video interviews on our CUSTOMER VIDEO REVIEWS page.

Long after we benefit from you Going Solar, we are still there to make sure you benefit from producing solar.

But, again, don’t trust us or anyone who HAS NOT worked with us, trust people who completed the solar process WITH US.   Listen to our SOLAR CUSTOMER REVIEWS.  

This is an exciting future where the solution to climate change and having zero control over the monthly increasing electric bill (which you pay for the rest of your life) is mostly paid for by the government if you qualify.  Owning solar is the right thing to do, and it costs less than what you’re currently paying, has an END DATE, but will continue paying benefits for 35-40 years, AND SOLAR INCREASES YOUR HOME VALUE

Your house takes care of your family.

Shouldn't you take care of your house?

Before Solar

happy home

With Solar


RIGHT NOW, the benefits of owning solar are SO GOOD that people say it’s too good to be true!  But pretty soon the cost won’t be as good because the government won’t give you money for doing the right thing.  So why wait?  That doesn’t make sense!  We don’t want people to miss their chance to get something that IS that good because of high pressure salespeople and tactics pushing the rental or leasing of solar power.   Let us show you the TRUTH and the difference of working with Walker Power!

If you are interested in solar but not another loan, or maybe your job requires frequent rapid residence changes then a lease is for you!  You will know exactly what your monthly payments will be for the remainder of the term.  You will save money and the planet.  When you move, your payments for solar are complete (no debt to pay back).

Make Your House Happy. Make it Smile!
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