How To Get the SREC, NJ Solar $

Were you looking for the Federal Solar Initiative Tax Credit (SITC)

What is the SREC?  How do I qualify for the $$$?

A little bit about the SREC

What is an SREC? What is a TREC? What is a SUSI?  Basically, they all represent the same thing, a green energy credit which equals1000kWh of solar energy production.  Specifically, each represents a different payout amount.  Since SREC was the term most well-known, that's what we will use here.
How do I get them? When do I get them? This video answers all that. For new solar owners since the summer of last year NJ gives a fixed amount of $90 per SREC for 15 years. After your solar panels produce 1000kWh of energy, you earn $90.  This will be directly deposited in your bank account according to the paperwork you fill out with your solar installer. This quick video explains the basics regarding the NJ Solar Money; how to figure out the number of SRECs you get and how often you get them. Walker Power makes sure all our customers have their paperwork filled out to receive their solar money.

Walker Power makes sure you get your SREC money.

Since you purchased your system, you own all the rights to the SRECs, even if you move before they are finished being paid out. BTW, they are a great tool to swing home buyers who on the fence and it won't affect your immediately.  If you do not own your system, you do NOT receive money for production.   During a presentation, your solar salesman will most likely show you the total received over 15 years and the monthly average.

The solar process from start to solar production to getting paid for your solar energy production is a long process with many steps the solar company must take. To the national companies, you are just a number; a file that could slip through the cracks between the steps. Imagine if you could never get a hold of anyone after they got your signature.

IT HAPPENS! You have finally found a family-owned solar company that will treat you the way you deserve to be treated. We offer Amazing products at Great prices with a service 2nd to none.

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