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When you solar with Walker Power you solar with Family!

Paul Walker, RN, BSN, CEO

  • Although both owners are bilingual, Paul specializes in helping our English speaking customers.
  • Ventilator Trained nurse, NIH Stroke Scale Certified nurse, Travel Nurse, Nurse Manager of several nursing homes
  • Solar representative for about 5 years
  • More of a knowledgeable advisor than a sales guy
  • Realized he could help more people’s lung issues by cleaning up the environment
  • Care for customers as if they were my patients/family

Jasmine Walker, Geologist, Climatologist, President

  • Although both owners are bilingual, Jasmine specializes in helping our Spanish speaking customers.
  • As a Peruvian America, she has been speaking Spanish most of her life which allows her to completely understand and thoroughly answer all solar questions our Spanish customers have
  • Award winning Environmentalist from Peru with Geology degree
  • Top of her profession in Peru studying volcanoes and climate change
  • Came to America and found she could help the most people and have the biggest effect on climate change by educating them about solar.
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