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How to get South Carolina Solar Money

South Carolina is continuing to work through its net metering proceedings for the Duke and Dominion service territories in the state. Back in September, 2020, the solar industry and Duke reached a historic settlement agreement on the future net metering tariff in their territory. However, the Dominion case was expected to be more contentious, and their current net metering proposal is unacceptable from the industry’s perspective.

Activity in this proceeding will be accelerating with a series of hearings and comment periods due over the next 45 days. Accordingly, clean energy and industry advocates have initiated a more active media campaign to highlight Dominion’s attempts to stall solar development. As a reminder, these proceedings do not impact customers that have an interconnection application approved prior to June 1, 2021.  We, at Walker Power, and our partners will continue to track this proceeding closely and will update our Partners and Customers at each relevant milestone.

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