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Walker Power Installation gives you the best solar installation experience available. You will have installers with the training and reliability only possible with a large company which has the resources to provide such consistency. You will also own panels and inverters with the low cost and strong warranties only a large company can provide.  Our installer partners are amazing!

Fortunately, you’ll receive the responsiveness, comfortability and attention throughout the entire process that only a small company can provide. This extends months beyond installation.  (Experience has shown some of the biggest national company sales people ‘disappear’ after your contract is signed; which is part of the reason solar got a “Bad Rap” further explained in the 1-20-16 edition of the Solar Tribune).

Your house takes care of your family.

Shouldn't you take care of your house?

Before Solar

happy home

With Solar


Drops from $168

To Less Than $5

Not Something You Would be Interested in, Right?

This is a big decision. an investment in most family’s biggest asset.  When you have questions, YOU WILL WANT SOMEONE KNOWLEDGEABLE TO BE THERE WITH YOU no matter how long it’s been since you decided excitedly.  We promise you will never be stuck on hold, lost in the shuffle, ignored or treated like a number the way many big national companies in any industry do.

We, at Walker Power, take all of that on ourselves to give you the confidence you made the right decision—so much so that you’ll want to do a video review and join our referral program.  Help Us, Help You, Help Your Friends and earn money doing so.

We have great knowledge and several years of experience in the field.  Contact us to be confident that SOLAR is the right thing to do; even if you’re not ready and just have a few questions.

Many of us in the solar field have worked with each other at some point at one or more previous solar companies and have kept in contact.  A few of the solar companies our people have worked for/with or hired from or have worked closely with managers while at other companies include:  Accord Power, Palmetto Solar, Sunrun, Sunnova, Devlin Contracting, Trinity Solar, Momentum Solar, Legacy Solar and Vivint Solar.  Our small company size and great attitude allow us to always learn from the problems the ‘big boys’ have to not make that mistake with you and make your solar experience one whereby you wish you had more houses for us to put more solar on.

Is Your House Happy?
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