Own or Lease your panels through Walker Power

Financing Solar Panels is the easiest, most practical way to own solar panels if your credit score is above 650).  If it’s not, we also have co-signer options available.  Based on your circumstances and solar system Walker Power will make sure you get the best option available. (If you are not looking for financing, we have great lease options, as well).

A few Solar Financial companies with which we associate include LoanPal, SunLight Financial and Dividend.

They are great for financing the panels and none have a pre-payment penalty.  But who finances you?  We have a very special partnership with a NJ based company who will pay you for your SRECs (the NJ money you get for being a NJ solar owner).

Solar Loan

  • Get PAID for Production in NJ
  • No Money Down
  • Replaces up to 100% of your electric bill
  • Finance up to 25 years for a predictable payment
  • Maintenance options
  • Product and workmanship warranties are standard

For ANY Loan or Lease

You have NOTHING TO LOSE when you get a solar lease or loan (financing) through Walker Power’s financial services. 
For a small local solar company like Walker Power to be able offer this GUARANTEE we establish the beginning of this 30-day period when the lease or loan (financing) paperwork is signed.  This is completed when the homeowner approves the solar system.

Solar Lease

  • Guaranteed Solar Production
  • No Money Down
  • Replaces Up To 100% of Your Electric Bill
  • Lease for a low monthly payment with NO DEBT to repay
  • Maintenance options available
  • Product and workmanship warranties are standard
Product warranties offered on products up to 25 years.  Workmanship warranties refer to roof and system installation.  (see Solar Agreement for details).
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