How to Get NJ Solar Money

NJ pays homeowners for the solar energy they produce. Act NOW while it is still available! Get PAID to save the planet!

Capability Statement

Capability Statement for Walker Consulting, LLC dba Walker Power Capability Statement for Walker Consulting, LLC dba Walker Power

How To Finance Solar Panels

finance your solar panels with our solar finance companies we have multiple banks competing so we are able to get the lowest rates

About Solar Panel Installation

Check Your House Walker Power Installation gives you the best solar installation experience available. You will have installers with the training and reliability only possible with a large company which has the resources to provide such consistency. You will also own panels and inverters with the low cost and strong warranties only a large company […]

Who is Walker Power

How to tell if “When you solar with Walker Power you solar with Family” is a BS tagline or exactly Who Is Walker Power.

Why Solar with Walker Power

Join the Family Each experienced solar company like ours will give you about the same price/interest rate for about the same quality of solar panels and installation; some a little more, some a little less, but all very similar.  What WE specialize in at Walker Power is YOU!  With our many years of experience, we […]